North Africa etc (Vol. 1 and 2)

Scope and Content

Diary written by Lionel for Ethel to read on his return. The first small diary includes family photographs glued in by Ethel to 'Leo, June 1943' and signed 'God speed, E.' with a religious verse on each dated page - and Lionel's handwritten thoughts and updates. These are initially mainly of missing home and suffering on the sea journey from sea-sickness. He later describes passing Gibraltar, Oran, trips to hospitals around Algiers and on to Philippville, Tunis, Sousse and Tripoli before flying to Cairo via El Aden (volume 1). From Cairo (volume 2) he flew to Jerusalem to inspect hospitals in the area before returning to Cairo. [This trip was a few months after the surrender at Tunis, during the run up to the invasion of Sicily, etc. Seems to have been a trip to visit various units of the Army Blood Transfusion Service. Note that this does not coincide with Churchill's treatment with LEHW's drug, M&B 693, during Churchill's own 1943 trip to North Africa (discussed in 'Closing the Ring', pp.421-22 and 425). That trip was a few months later and it appears Whitby was not present].

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