Assorted talks, 1942-8, mainly related to Army Blood Transfusion Service and Sulphonomides work

Scope and Content

In file marked 'Various speeches, lectures, Papworth Guild 1948 etc' in Lady Whitby's hand. Handwritten talks to various recipients, mainly 1942-44, including Rotarians in Bristol, Cheltenham and Aldershot. Includes: Nov 1943 handwritten report relating to Whitby's tour of hospitals in North Africa, June-July 1943; handwritten notes for William Withering Lecture, Birmingham University, 20 May 1943, re 'Sulphonomide drugs in medical practice'; 'The Choice of Sulphonomide Drugs', 5 March 1943; 'Second Thoughts on Shock', Nov 1943; Notes on 'Laboratory control of transfusion work', 1942; 'Blood Groups and Blood Grouping', 5 March 1942; brief notes for talk 'On personal service' in Bristol, c1939-40. Also includes talk to the Papworth Guild, 1948.

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