The Scene of the Suffragette's Martyrdom - in Holloway Prison

Scope and Content

Supplement to the Illustrated London News, of 7 Aug 1909, on glossy paper, comprising mostly of black and white photographs. One large piece of paper folded in two to create a front page, large centre page, and back page. The photographs are bordered by an arrow design, like a prison uniform, and have captions in black text at the bottom of each page.

Front page: with a heading, four numbered photographs of interiors of cells as they would be at day time, night time, including a cell for consumptives.

Centre page: twelve numbered photographs of the bundle room where prisoners' own clothes are kept, a spy hole in a cell door, reception cells, meat stores, daily rations, store room, kitchen, a boiler of gruel, bath, a room where bead blinds are made.

Back page: nine photographs of; a great hall, chapel, wash house, a woman and the prison cat, a room where prisoners make clothes, desks outside cells for a work class, exercise yard.

There are no prisoners photographed.

Note: The supplement follows a visit by Herbert Gladstone, which was made after complaints by the suffragettes about conditions.

Physical Characteristics and/or Technical Requirements

Poor condition. Creased where it has been folded, edges (especially the top) are torn. Paper has yellowed slightly. Production method: mechanically printed from typeset, and from photographs.