Ron Heisler collection

Scope and Content

Includes “The Cause of Humanity” Charles Bradlaugh and Freemasonry, paper by Andrew Prescott; thesis, The Communist Party and the visual arts in 1930s Britain - the development of a cultural theory and its implications for artistic practice; bibliography of the poetry of Clio Rickman [compiled by Jim Clayson; bibliography of Richard “Citizen” Lee [radical publisher and writer, compiled by Jim Clayson]; Anti-Defamation League (ADL), British press cuttings about Louis Farrakhan, banned from entering Britain in 1986; memorandum from the Anti-Defamation League of B’Nai B’rith, New York, August 5, 1985; Louis Farrakhan in his own words; ADL, October 1985; Louis Farrakhan - an update, ADL, Spring, 1985: Amadeo Bordiga - the dark years (1926-1945) by Arturo Peregalli, Sandro Saggioro January 1977: bibliography of Chartist poetry [compiled by Jim Clayson]: Ambrose Barker (1859-1953) “Revolutionary Socialist”: International and UK correspondence with Martin Cook and the Chartists in early 1970s: Trade Union Education Centre, document setting out the organisation and aims of the Trade Union Education Centre for Democratic Socialism: Clarence Chrysostom correspondence from R P Rajasooriya, etc [Memoir of a Sri Lankan Trotskyist lawyer detained in 1973 – Prins Rajasooriya]: letter from John House to “Holly” [John House, famous art historian specializing in French Impressionism]; Ron Heisler – press correspondence: cuttings from Tribune, Hackney Gazette among other papers, re Hackney Councillor Lester Lewis, Diane Abbott, visit of Louis Farrakhan and other issues: Gerry Healy (1913-1989) obituaries and articles including reprints and cuttings from the Workers International League, Workers Power, Workers Press, Marxist Monthly, review by Ken Livingstone, communication from the Socialist Workers Party (USA), paper by David Binns, article by James Buchan for Esquire (November 1993) about Vanessa Redgrave and Gerry Healy: Fourth International - cuttings and articles about Joseph Hansen including an article by Cliff Slaughter in Fourth International (winter 1975-76): cuttings denouncing the Workers Revolutionary Party and individual members in Fourth International; Solidarity Journal; Labour Briefing; Sunday Times (Gerry Healy); Observer (Ted Knight); International Worker (Cliff and Patrick Slaughter “The British WRP embraces imperialism”; International Worker (November 5,1994) re military intervention in Rwanda; cuttings re Sarajevo and the Bosnian conflict, banning of Vanessa Redgrave and other actors on flights to Sarajevo, claim by Thomas Deichmann (in Guardian March 12 1997) that Bosnian footage was faked; cuttings on the Miners’ Strike, Scargill; “Hands off the Miners’ Union” in Workers Press, 10 March 1990; “Windsor calls for inquiry into MI5 pit role” Guardian, 23 July 1993; review of “The enemy within: MI5, Scargill and the Scargill affair” by Seumas Milne in International Worker, December 17, 1994; article about Scargill, Observer, September 5th, 1993; articles from the International Worker, Observer, Jewish Herald about Libya and Gadaffi, Iraq, Workers Revoluntionary Party; letter to the Socialist Voice about Israel and Zionism; articles from the International Worker: Australian pilots’ dispute; obituary for American Trotskyist Bill Brust; Gelfand and SWP [Socialist Workers Party] in California; From Fourth International: the Kremlin and Trotsky’s murder: anonymous handwritten notebook on Aleister Crowley: five posters (large photographs of people, landscape) by Desmond Morris, “Hackney scene 1960s”; two posters “How to cope with/survive times of austerity – Let’s build Cockaigne!”; poster, Invitation - hammer and sickle, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) and anti-war symbols; The wedding celebration of Kate Hudson and Andrew Burgin; poster, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament march and rally in Hyde Park London, 24 October; The Brixton Mura, “Nuclear Dawn” [by] Brian Barnes/Dale McRea; poster, Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan against a map of the USA; Reagan’s other red carpet, “Demonstrate US Embassy Grosvenor Square June 7 - Lobby Parliament June 8, 1pm”; CND poster advertising a “Peninsula Peace Festival” at Sherwell Church Hall, North Hill; poster “People Need Water Not Weapons”; poster, “Umkehr in die Zukfunt;” Aktion Suhnezeichen Friedensdienste; poster, “Frieden schaffen ohne Waffen;” Veranstaltungen in Berlin West vom 1.9; bis 18. 11. 1979; “Non a la bombe en Polynesie;” MDPL Paris; posters “Help De Kernwapens De Wereld Uit: Om Te Beginnen Uit Nederland;” Campagne IKV, Den Haag; poster “der er brug for Handling;” Nej Til Atomvaben; poster “Journees d’Information 27 et 28 mai 1978; Non aux trafics, ventes, fabrications d’armes”; multi-coloured montage of anti-nuclear posters; poster “Manifest Tegen De Kerwapens;” IKV, Den Haag; poster “NEI Til Atomvapen”; poster “For Norden Som Atomfri Zone; poster CODENE - Comite pour le Desarmement Nucleaire en Europe; poster “Frieden schaffen ohne Waffen”; poster, “NEI til Atomvapen”; poster “Nagt at Gi’Op!”; poster “Nej til Atomvaben”.

Administrative / Biographical History

Ronald Heisler started collecting books and pamphlets in 1948

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Open for research although at least 24 hours notice required.