Scope and Content

A National and Industrial School was opened in 1817 on New Road and was enlarged in 1830 to include an Infants school. In 1849 new premises was erected on a site on Gravel Hill (please see S128/9 for records of this school), whilst in 1850 a seperate National Infants School was was built on Greys Hill. In 1892-1893 Trinity National School was built on the other side of Greys Road from the Infants School. In 1926 the National Schools were reorganised with the Gravel Hill site taking the senior boys, Trinty National School the senior girls and the Infants School the younger children. In 1932-1933 a new County Infants School was built on Greys Road, (please see S128/11 for records of this school) closer to town resulting in the Gravel Hill School becoming a Mixed Senior School and the Trinity School a Mixed Junior School. In 1981 the County Infants School merged with Trinity Primary School.

This collections relayes to general records concerned with the running of all the Henley National Schools.

The records were deposited as part of Acc 3160 in December 1990. Catalogued by Heleen van Rossum June 1993, recatalogued by Alison Smith in April 2009.