Photocopies of Annual Reports

Scope and Content

Made in the 1980s, or 1990s, of annual reports for the years 1838-1878. The annual reports contain notices of the annual general meetings, reports of the Council, lists of officers, and statements of account.

In addition, there are copies of the Reports of the Sub-Committees appointed to enquire into the condition of the plants and gardens; together with the salaries and wages paid by the Society, and the Counter-Statements submitted to the Council by the curator, 1857 (/24); Report of the Committee of Investigation into the affairs of the Manchester Botanical and Horticultural Society, 1857 (/25); newscuttings containing reports of special meetings held to consider the affairs of the Society and an open letter from the Council to the shareholders, 1857 (/26-27, /29-31, /33); notices to shareholders concerning the Report of the Committee of Investigation and special general meetings of proprietors, 1857 (/23, /28, /32); an address to the shareholders, 1858 (/34); newscuttings containing reports of the annual general meeting, the text of an address to the shareholders, and a letter to the editor of the Manchester Guardian, 1858 (/36-39); a newscutting containing a report of the annual general meeting, 1862 (/43); addresses to shareholders and circular letters concerning a special meeting to consider the state of the Gardens, 1862 (/44-48); reports on National Horticultural Exhibitions, ?1867 and 1874 (/54, /60); a circular letter concerning a subscription for Mr Bruce Findlay, and a list of subscribers, 1867 (/55); and a circular letter and voting paper concerning a proposal to open the Gardens on Sundays, 1870 (/56,/58).

Custodial History

The photocopies were made by the Chairman of the Society, Mr A.E.R. Goulty, from the originals at Manchester Central Library.