Notes taken down by P Bayne from dictates of J Row, 1694-1695

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Notes from the dictates of Mr John Row, regent, St Leonard’s College, University of St Andrews taken down by Patrick Bayne.

Pp.1-43 Compendium Logicae [A Compendium of Logic], begun 1 December 1694:

  • pp.2-4 Logicae atque operationem mentis quae ad logicum spectat definitionibus [Logic as a mental operation].
  • pp.4-13 De termino et propositione [On Terms and Propositions].
  • pp.13-15 De argumentatione [On Argument].
  • pp.15-36 De syllogismo [On Syllogisms].
  • pp.36-41 Aliis quinque argumentationis speciebus [Five other forms of valid argument].
  • pp.41-43 De definitione et divisione [On Definition and Division].

Pp.47-289 Logica sive tractatus ad rationem dirigendam utiles [On Logic and Practical Reason], begun 24 December 1694, part I finished 28 February 1695, part III finished 6 April 1695:

  • pp.47-53 Prefatio sive prologomena [Preface].
  • pp.53-145 Mentis operatione apprehensione silicet sive De Ideis [On Ideas].
  • pp.145-153 De interpretatione idearum sive de earum signis externis [On the interpretation of ideas].
  • pp.153-156 De termini proprietatibus [On the properties of terms].
  • pp.156-165 De vitiis et imperfectionibus idearum [On the limitations of ideas].
  • pp.166-169 De natura et hominibus secunda intellectus operationis [On the working of the agent intellect].
  • pp.169-185 De quatuor enunciationis divisionibus in compendio traditis [On the traditional fourfold division].
  • pp.185-192 De aliis enunciationis divisionibus [On other divisions].
  • pp.192-201 De enunciationis proprietatibus relativis [On relative properties].
  • pp.201-211 De vitiis et impertionibus secundae intellectus operationes [On imperfection operations of the agent intellect].
  • pp.212-213 De natura et nominibus tertiae intellectus operationes [on the nature and operations of the tertiary intellect].
  • pp.213-218 De definitione syllogismi [On the definition of the syllogism].
  • pp.218-232 De regulis, figuris, et modis syllogismorum [On the rules, figures and modes of the syllogism].
  • pp.232-238 De syllogismis complexis et compositis [On complex and compound syllogisms].
  • pp.238-242 De Socratica disputandi methodo [On the method of Socratic disputation].
  • pp.242-250 De divisione argumentationes a materia petita [On the division of Argument].
  • pp.250-254 Scientia et opinione [On wisdom and opinion].
  • pp.254-259 Pitiis et imperfectionibus tertie intellectus [Of the limitations of the tertiary intellect].
  • p.260 De methodo [on logical methods - introduction].
  • pp.261-265 Methodo in genere [concerning basic rules of logical method].
  • pp.266-273 De genesi sive formatione discusurus alicuius philosophici [On variations in logical method].
  • pp.273-289 De analysis [On the resolution of disputed positions].

Decorated title pages, some ornamented capitals, ruled borders.Signs manual of Patrick Bayne together with a summary financial account inside back cover.

Administrative / Biographical History

John Row studied Greek and philosophy at St Leonards College and went on to teach both subjects there as a regent and then as professor of philosophy. He had moved to Edinburgh by 1700.

St Leonard's College was founded in 1512 by Alexander Stewart, Archbishop of St Andrews, and John Hepburn, Prior of St Andrews, as a new incarnation of "the Hospital and the Church of St Leonard joined thereto". Students studied for four years in Arts and were taught by the same regent for all subjects. The 'New Foundation' of the colleges of the university of 1579 restructured the teaching in the university and St Leonard's College became primarily a 'college of philosophy' or arts. The principal of St Leonard's was to lecture on the philosophy of Plato. In 1620 Sir John Scott of Scotstarvit instituted a professorship of humanity, to teach the Latin necessary to enable the students to participate in the work of the philosophical courses. In 1747 the College was merged with St Salvator's College to form the United College of St Salvator and St Leonard.


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