Topping out ceremony

Scope and Content

This file contains seven prints and one item. The first and second images depict concrete being poured from a bucket. Gathered around the bucket are numerous men dressed in raincoats and hardhats, some of whom are operating the release system on the bucket. Several of the onlookers are taking pictures of the event. The third, shows a group of men in raincoats and hardhats posing for the camera with drinks in hand. The fourth and fifth show a number of men stood on the rooftop of the tower. Clearly visible are two raised, circular, concrete holes in the roof. Between the circular structures are stands set up to dispense drinks. Attached to the far corner of the tower is a flagpole on which a flag with displaying the acronym CIS flying. The fifth and sixth images depict groups of men on the rooftop. In the left hand corner of the tower a flagpole which the men are gathered. A "Laing" flag is flying. Black and white. The item is a press release from Laing detailing the " "Topping Out" Ceremony at Britain"s tallest building"