Scope and Content

This series contains two photographs relating to the Bath Congress. The first features a group of men, stood in a semi-circular formation, outside a confectionary store. All the men are wearing suits and some are wearing hats. In the store window a large number of confectionary boxes can be seen. On the left of the image an advertisement for a caf矣an be partially seen. Annotated verso "Pressmen at Bath". The print is marked for publication. The second, is captioned verso "Co-operators" Gifts to Hospital: a group at the Royal National Hospital for Rheumatic Diseases, Bath". Shown are a group of people stood in line beside a patient in a "presentation chair". The chair is on wheels and upright, although at a slight angle, to allow the patient to stand. Controls on the side allow the chair to be inclined more, or less. A nurse wearing uniform is stood amongst the line of co-operators. In the background a number of art works adorn the wall. Black and white.