London Co-operative Society

Scope and Content

This file contains eight photographs depicting various co-operative activities. Photograph one is of a man dressed in a suit holding two small ponies, one on either side. Visible in the background is a large building with elaborate stonework around the top. The second, shows six people sat having a meal. One of the gentlemen appears to be dressed as Father Christmas without his beard, which can be seen on the table behind him. On the wall behind the occupied table are various notices. The third, shows the interior of a hut with Father Christmas giving presents to children from behind a counter. On the shelf at one end of the hut are a large amount of books waiting to be given as presents. On a shelf above Father Christmas"s head are lots of items wrapped in paper and two cardboard boxes with the word "Rattles" upon them. In the fourth two small girls with bonnets on are stood in front of a wall covered with dolls and teddy bears. One girl is holding the tag hanging from one of the largest dolls [as if checking the price]. The fifth, depicts a group of children gathered around a scale toy car which is upon a table. A boy is sat in the car and three adults are looking on, smiling. The sixth, shows a woman kneeling down painting around the mouth of a stuffed tiger. The tiger is stood head to one side with its mouth slightly open. In the background a man in a white lab overalls is painting the scenery which includes fake palm trees. The seventh, depicts four people, two men and two women, putting the finishing touches to a "jungle set". In the middle is a stuffed giraffe to which one of the men is working on. The eighth, depicts a group of people crowded round a technical drawing. Stood above the drawing is a stuffed male lion with its mouth wide open. One lady is wearing a wide brimmed oriental styled hat. Black and white.