Unidentified African countries

Scope and Content

This file contains three photographic items. The first, shows officers of the Society with the Districts Agricultural Officer, the verso caption is entitled 'COOPERATIVE AFRICAN COFFEE'. The second, shows a rural [?] co-operative, a queue of people are waiting to have beans weighed, men at desks are then paying them. The hut behind has a corregated roof and a sign reading GV COOPERATIVE ASSIKA KAYABO. The verso is marked for publication. The third, shows an office tower.The images cup/2/18/9iii - cup/2/18/9x are in colour and are possibly from the Ivory Coast, but this is only noted on the reverse of one of the images. Black and white and colour. Location of subject: Africa.


CUP/2/18/9ii Co-operative Review, A Co-operative Journey in Black Africa, Nov.