CIS buildings under construction

Scope and Content

This file contains photographs and items relating to the construction of the CIS building. The first photograph depicts the building in the early stages of construction, with approximately six levels of the outer frame in place. Partially visible in the background are other nearby buildings. The second, through to the eighth, are aerial views of the construction of CIS site taken from differing projections. The building is almost at full height, and its height in comparison to the other buildings across the city is apparent. Clearly visible across the Manchester skyline are a number of recognizable landmarks; Victoria railway station, Manchester Cathedral and the River Irwell are evident. Photograph nine shows a view of CIS taken from the junction of Thomas Street and Shudehill. In the foreground clearly visible are a number of shops including Brownhill"s Shopfittings and Llewellyn"s Vespa Centre. Along the road a number of cars and vans are parked, and several people crossing the road. In the background, central in the image, CIS can be seen under construction with a crane at the summit. The tenth, depicts seven workmen sat in line along a section of open steelwork far above the ground. Several of the men are holding cups and eating sandwiches, while two are reading newspapers. Annotated on the verso "taken on March 8[th] at height of 320 feet. Picture appeared in [the]GuardianandTelegraph. Visible in the background is a panoramic view of the Manchester skyline. Photograph eleven has been edited from two separate photographs to create a panoramic view of the Manchester skyline. In the far left corner of the image the under-construction CIS can be seen. The twelfth, depicts the main tower almost at full height. It is covered from base to summit in scaffolding and a crane is on top of the tower. On the verso a caption explains that "the new Co-operative Insurance buildingÂ…is now nearing 400 foot and the concreting should be completed by the end of August and further informs that "each bucket of concrete contains a cubic yard weighing roughly 25cwts. And each 400 foot journey to the top is radio controlled as the crane driver cannot see the pick up point". The thirteenth, shows the tower mid-way through construction. In the foreground numerous cars and people are visible. Black and white. The items all contain information and statistics pertaining to the construction and completion of the tower. Specifics of floor space, glazed area and height above ground level are all included. Further details regard important dates are present, for example "structure completed 12 Sep 1961" and "occupation of building commenced 2 Aug 1962"