Weaving, furniture making and cobbling

Scope and Content

This file contains nine photographic prints depicting production from the same set of photographs, although some are missing as the verso captions are numbered, the number on the caption is in brackets in this description. Image one [1] shows lady winders from a weaving section, they are sat at spindles on a dusty floor in rows and are in traditional dress. Image two [3] shows handlooms in use by male workers. Image three [4] shows the last stage of calico printing, low tables are covered in calico, male workers stamp a printing device onto the calico to leave a design.Image four [5] shows cobblers and leather workers polishing products, they are sat on the floor and using brushes for polishing. Image five [6] shows carpenters at work, primarily making chairs. Image six [7] shows the sewing of shirts and blouses, women are sat at sewing machines whilst some men inspect their work. Image seven [8] shows a female worker using a socks knitting machine. Image eight [9] shows a hoisery section, young women are sat working on hosiery items. Image nine [10] shows woolen sweaters being made by a man on a flat knitting machine. Black and white. Location of subject: India.