Scope and Content

This file contains fifteen photographs taken whilst the Congress was in progress. Photograph one shows a man receiving a trophy. He is shaking hands with the presenter. The men are identified on verso as Vic Tapp and Gregory, Co-op [sic] [Congress?] Chairman, respectively. Photograph two shows an award being presented; the presenter and presentee are shaking hands. Photographs three to five are shots of the audience at the Congress. Photographs six to ten all show various delegates in mid conversation. Photograph six shows two men sat at a desk, one of them in conversation with a woman. The other man is identified on verso as "Laurence, Director CDA". Photograph seven shows three men in conversation. The gentleman on the far right is identified on verso as "T Turvey, Co-operative Party Chairman". Photograph eight shows three men in conversation, the gentleman in the middle is identified on verso as "O"Neill". Photographs nine and ten show small groups of people in conversation. No one is identified in these photographs. Photographs eleven to fifteen show delegates giving speeches at the podium. Black and white.