Interior of furniture department, Longsight store

Scope and Content

The caption on the picture reads: "Store is now a landmark. With the completion of extensive alterations at the Slade Lane, Longsight premises of Beswick Society this 'co-operative corner' is one of the brightest, up-to-date trading sites in the district. The building on an island site, contains dry goods, radio, butchery, and grocery branches.

The grocery branch self-service system is a compromise. All grocery items are on self-service lines, but for provisions the personal service counter is retained.

In the society's experience they have found that members prefer to choose their cut of bacon and have it sliced while they wait. Sales have already increased.

The furnishing branch has the 'look through' type of display which enables all the furniture to be clearly seen from the street. From the ground floor and imposing staircase leads up to the radio and television department. Electrical appliances and equipment are also displayed.

Finished in an apple green vitrolite, the exterior has the society's name and departmental designations picked out in raised letters of pillar box red.

The 'Neon' sign on the building makes it a landmark in the area"

The photograph itself shows an array of items including armchairs, dining tables and chairs, dressing tables, beds and cabinets. The walls are mirrored on two sides. Black and white.