Scope and Content

This file contains seven photographs showing displays present at the Douglas congress of 1980. Photograph one shows a group of people standing in front of a mobile Co-operative Bank cashiers desk, and a delegate information booth. Photograph two shows a woman making use of the banking facilities. Photograph three shows a display made up of Co-operative advertisements. Photograph four shows a display about the Co-operative Bank. There are posters on display, and a television and video recorder set up. The display is set up in front of a door, the archway of which is decorated with the following: "Villa Marina Douglas, Where the stars are always shining bright !" Photograph five shows a display which contains a selection of the winning entries from the 1979 CWS Advertising Awards. Photograph seven shows displays about the Co-operative Union and Holyoake House, as well as a stand bearing two rainbow flags. Photograph eight shows displays concerning the organisational structure of the Co-operative Union, and information about Co-op Unit Loans. In colour.