Film catalogue

Scope and Content

This item is a catalogue containing a description of 24 Co-operative Wholesale Society films that can be borrowed free of charge. The films include 'Back to Back', 'Best of Bread', 'Biscuit Time', 'Change for Better', 'Choice of Quality', 'Come Clean', 'Cuckoo in the Kitchen', 'Father Holds the Fort', 'Father Takes the Cake', 'Gallons of Goodness', 'Halcyon Days', 'Its All Yours', 'Its in the Can', 'Magic Feet', 'Men of Rochdale', 'Modern Cheese Making', 'Modern Miss Muffet', 'Play with the Best', 'Pots of Gold', 'Right Mixture', 'Seal of Success', 'Thirst Come, Thirst Served', 'Working Together', and 'Your Business.'