Scope and Content

This file contains seven photographic items, all annotations are written by Dennis Hollos [commercial advisor to Minister of Commerce and commercial advisor to the Premier of Eastern Nigeria]. The first, shows mean scrapping bark [?] under the direction of a foreman. The second, shows a co-operative committee meeting with members of the Registrar's staff in attendance. The men are sat listening to the speaker, who is standing. The third, shows a store [exterior] of the Idaban Co-operative Produce Marketing Union [formerly called Cocoa Marketing Union], the largest primary co-operative Union in Nigeria. The store is low built and basic, a delivery truck is parked outside. The forth, shows men examining and weighing cocoa beans. Sat at a table is the Idaban Co-operative Produce Marketing Union secretary, he is entering 'up his Produce Book from the Produce Receipt Book'. Sacks of cocoa and a large pile of beans are in the room. The fifth, shows a village store [exterior] of the Idaban Co-operative Produce Marketing Union, sacks of cocoa are lined in front of it and men are at work on them along with a Government Produce Inspector [who grades the cocoa, wearing a white shirt and sun helmet]. The sixth, is of carved figures of the dead that were formerly placed in shrines but this image was taken in Oron Museum. The seventh, shows a group of young girls in dancing clothes mid routine, the verso annotation reads 'Many aspects of social life are organised in age groups'. Black and white. Location of subject: Nigeria.


CUP/2/18/8vii Ourselves.