East African School of Co-operation

Scope and Content

These images show the East African School of Co-operation. The first image is of seven individuals standing outside of a wooden building with a plaque reading, 'East African School of Co-operation. Some of the men are holding books, and some are carrying briefcases, one of the men appears to be a teacher. The second image is the same as the first, taken from a different angle. The third image shows a classroom at the School. There are rows of seated pupils with two men at the front of the class, one standing holding a book. There is a blackboard with 'Procedure at meetings' written on it. The fourth image also shows a classroom taken from the front of the class, the teacher is standing at a lectern with his back to the photographer and the class is seen seated in rows at individual desks. The fifth and sixth images show students standing next to bookshelves holding a book. The books on the shelves are arranged according to subject, seen here are various co-operative subjects. All these images are black and white.