Centrosoyus Goodwill Delegation, May 1954

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Scope and Content

This file contains seven photographs taken by the Centrosoyus Goodwill Delegation in May 1954. The delegation consisted of W Quincey (Co-operative Wholesale Society), W W Ferguson (Scottish Co-operative Wholesale Society), A E Jupp and W Coldrick, M P (Co-operative Party). Photograph one is an exterior shot of a man and a woman on a see-saw. There are people watching them in the background. Photograph two shows three men [delegation members] posing for the camera in front of what appears to be a shop window. Photograph three shows three members of the delegation standing with a man outside a building. There are two banners on the building showing writing in Russian. Photograph four shows a group of men and a woman standing outside a building, as though they have just arrived. There are cars and trees in the background. Black and white. Photograph five is a shot taken from and showing a crowd attending a parade. Some of the parade group are bearing flags, and it is progressing past a grand building. The building is adorned with banners, one of which depicts Lenin and Stalin. Photograph six shows a group of men and women standing outside a building. Two of the women are wearing white lab coats. Photograph seven shows a crowd milling around a massive church adorned with minarets. Black and white.