Dennis Hollos' pictures from Eastern Nigeria

Scope and Content

This file contains thirteen photographs, some of which appear to have been used in a publication as they have verso annotations 'See Page 1' et cetera that are written and signed by Hollos [commercial advisor to Minister of Commerce and commercial advisor to the Premier of Eastern Nigeria]; printed on a postcard an image of Calabar Provincial Co-operative Bank a low built, with a veranda and with palms behind it; 'See Page 1' geographical demonstration to female student group from Queens School Enugn by a women teacher, the verso caption states 'Geographic considerations play a large part in determining the scope of all Economic activities in Nigeria'; 'see page 3'is an image of surgeons carrying out an operation, the verso caption reads 'these people are from the middle of the social pyramid'; '3' a group of people sat in lines, presumably to listen to a speech/talk; '4/No. 12' female students sat at individual desks, a male teacher is standing amongst them, the classroom is plain; 'See Page 4' part of the University campus at Nsukka, the campus is utilitarian in design and the buildings are spaced out, the verso caption reads 'The Campus is designed on the American principle with separate Colleges for the Arts, Economics, History, Business Administration, Journalism etc.'; a group of female students with male teachers [?], the verso is marked for publication; 'See Page 9' a classroom of commercial students sat in rows with typewriters on each desk and a board with a workbook on it, the verso caption reads 'Clothes and tool and the mental approach to life are undergoing re-adjustment through education'; 'See Page 9'shows a table, screen, jug and stool made by Awka Co-operative Wood Carvers and 'are all made by hand'; 'See Page 10'shows six girls linking hands to form a circle, one of who is Miss Nigeria 1963; portrait of Dr the Honourable AN Obonna, Minister of Commerce; 'See Page 3-Education' children's section of Enugu Regional Library, boys and girls are browsing shelves and looking at book at tables, the verso caption reads 'The older evils...deeply rooted in the culture...are being eradicated through education. Everybody now thirsts for books'; and a portrait of Dr the Honourable MI Okpara, Premier of Eastern Nigeria. Black and white. Location of subject: Eastern Nigeria.