Delegation to Yugoslavia and Italy

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Scope and Content

This file contains eleven photographs detailing the Co-operative delegation"s visits to Yugoslavia and Italy. Photograph one shows ten men in suits posing for the camera on the steps of a building with a man in military uniform, identified on verso as Marshall Tito. Annotated on verso "Yugoslav Delegation with Marshall Tito, Apr 1946." "Bottom: Lord Rusholme, Tito, J. Paterson (Scottish Co-operative Wholesale Society) Second: G. L. Perkins. J.A. Gill (Co-operative Wholesale Society)" Photograph two shows a group of men crowded around Marshall Tito, one of them is shaking his hand. Photograph three shows a group of six men and one woman standing posing for the camera in a street. Cars and houses can be seen in the background. Annotated on verso, Venice 30 Apr 1946, Delegation to Yugoslavia and Italy. Photograph four shows some of the delegates greeting someone off camera, in the street. Annotated on verso "Venice, 30 Apr 1946." Photograph five shows a group standing outside the entrance to a building. There are large statues either side of the door. There are some editorial marks on the photograph. Annotated on verso, "Sarajevo Apr 1946." Photograph six shows four of the delegates standing on the street outside a row of shops. Annotated on verso "Belgrade April 1946." "Rusholme, G. L. Perkins, J. A. Gill, J. S. Paterson." Photograph seven shows four men in suits posing for the camera. Photograph eight shows eleven men in suits stood on the street posing for the camera beside a wagon. Photograph nine shows an man stood with several children. They appear to be on a hillside. Photograph ten shows several people sat at a dinner table outside. In the distance are some mountains. Picture eleven shows several men in suits sat around a board table.