Reddish Confectionary Works

Scope and Content

This file contains two interior views of a confectionary works. The first image shows several women stood either side of a production line for making Liquorice Allsorts. To the right a worker is stood beside a large mass of confectionary atop a table. In the foreground liquorice can be seen on the line having passed through some machinery. In the rear, large stacks of sheets of [liquorice] are clearly visible. In the second, a number of men, and one woman, are inspecting a machine [possibly boxing machine] involved with the production of confectionary. Between the people, large vats full of sweets in wrappers are visible. In the foreground two workers, dressed in [white] overalls, are performing their duties utilising the machinery. In the rear, several other workers and sections of production line are partially visible. Black and white.