Scope and Content

This file contains two photographs of coal delivery. The first is a front view of a horse drawn cart. On the front of the cart, to the right is the delivery man holding the reins. On the verso a caption reads "it wont be long before excited children will run home and say I saw a horse in the street today mummy. But it wont be a London Co-operative Society coal delivery horse because the last load has been delivered to a West Ham address by Driver T. Nichols". The second, depicts the unloading of a coal lorry. Two men are stood aside the lorry, coal on backs, about to deliver. A third man is stood on the lorry, placing bags to the edge for the men to lift upon their return. In the background a row of houses are partially visible. Annotated on the rear is "coal delivery- Brightside and Carbrook Co-operative Society". The verso is marked for publication. Black and white.