London Co-operative Society, Burnt Oak

Scope and Content

This file contains nine prints and one item. The photographs show various scenes from around the store and the item relates what is depicted in each photograph. The first photograph shows a mother and daughter in the toy bazaar passing goods to the cashier to be checked, whilst people queue behind waiting their turn to be served. The cashier is at behind a [white] desk with a sign saying "pay here" placed in one corner. The second CUP 1/19/3ii, shows a young girl bent forward looking into a pram containing a doll. In the background other prams are visible. The third, depicts the same girl and pram combination as in CUP 1/19/3ii but from a different angle. The fourth CUP 1/19/3iv shows a toy bazaar central self-service counter with further goods stacked on along the back wall of the room. The accompanying item with this file notes that this is "London"s first and only self service toy bazaar in operation". Photograph five shows the same arrangement as CUP1/19/3iv but from a slightly different angle. The sixth, shows Father Christmas giving presents to three young girls. One girl is a sat on his knee while two are stood nearby. In the foreground is a large tub full of toys. The seventh CPU 1/19/3vii, shows the interior of a shop window with children looking in from the outside. Visible in the window are a variety of toys including teddy bears, prams and scale cars. The eighth, shows the same scene as CUP 1/19/3vii, but from a slightly different angle. The ninth, shows assistant Mary Snell helping a customer choose a gift. In the background are a large number of fancy goods both on display and stored. Black and white. The item is a list providing a caption for each of the photographs described above.