Mr Palmer"s Russia photographs

Scope and Content

This file contains twenty photographs of meetings, farms, factories, and wartime devastation in Russia. Photograph one shows one man observing three butchers cutting a fish with cleavers. Annotated on verso, "Moscow Fish Factory". Photograph two shows a large group of well dressed people dining at a table. Annotated on verso, "County House". Photograph three shows two men and a woman walking through a stable of cows, annotated on verso "Forest Meadow State Farm." Photograph four shows the outside of a Monastery in a state of disrepair, possibly damaged in fighting. Annotated on verso, "New Jerusalem Monastery." Photograph five shows what appears to be a delegate member sitting in on a class with a group of school children. Annotated on verso, "Co-operative School." Photograph six shows a group of men and women, led by a man in army uniform, walking alongside a house surrounded by trees. Annotated on verso "Centrosoyus County House (for Latvian Officers)." Photograph seven shows a well dressed man (delegate member?) in a stable, patting a horse. Annotated on verso, "State Farm." Photograph eight shows two men studying what appear to be plans or technical drawings. There is a drawing compass and a box of technical pencils on the table in front of them. Annotated on verso, "New Jerusalem Monastery." Photograph nine is an exterior shot, showing a man (delegate member?) talking with a younger man wearing a uniform. Photograph ten shows a man and a woman, seemingly in the middle of a conversation. Annotated on verso "G. S. Woods and Mdme Maisby. [Maisky]" Photograph eleven shows a group of men, and a woman, walking through a field. There are various farm buildings in the background. Annotated on verso, "State Farm." Photograph twelve shows a group of men and women standings in the ruins of a building. Annotated on verso, "Chekov"s House." Photograph thirteen is an exterior shot of a group of men and women walking along a dockside, looking at artillery guns. Annotated on verso, "Moscow [Trophy Exhibition]." Photograph fourteen shows three men sitting at a table, examining documents. Annotated on verso, "[Sadahov] President Moscow [House]." Photograph fifteen shows the inside of a Monastery or cathedral in a state of disrepair. There is rubble and fallen masonry scattered about the building. Annotated on verso "New Jerusalem." Photograph sixteen is an exterior shot of a man holding a bunch of flowers. Annotated on verso, "State Farm." Photograph seventeen shows a section of a Monastery reduced to rubble, annotated on verso "New Jerusalem." Photograph eighteen is an exterior shot showing a group of men, women and children walking past ruined buildings. Annotation on verso [place name?]. Photograph nineteen shows an older man sitting at a desk with three girls, studying a book. Annotated on verso "Co-operative School." Photograph Twenty shows a group of men and women walking around a farm, annotated on verso "State Farm."