Oldham Christmas parade

Scope and Content

This file contains three photographs of the Oldham street parade Christmas 1960. Photograph one depicts a parade float being towed down the street. The float consists of a representation of a Viking longboat. Inside the boat Father Christmas is sat, while on the front a youth is playing a guitar. In the background a number of adults and children watching the parade stood in front of a upholstery store, "Buckley and Prockter". The second, shows a troop of Scottish Pipers walking down the street as part of the parade. Large numbers of people are gathered to view the parade. Visible to varying degrees are a number of shop frontages. A caf窠snooker hall and health food shop are amongst those evident. The third, shows an Oldham Industrial Co-operative lorry taking part in the parade. On the rear of the lorry are a number of cartoon character "life-size" cut-outs. Depicted are Popeye and Olive, Top Cat and Yogi Bear amongst others. Black and white.