International Labour Organisation at work

Scope and Content

This file contains two images of people at discussion. The first shows from left to right GN Lamming [Chief of Co-operation and Handicraft Service for International Labour Office, Soueidan Cherif [of Syria], Nguyen-Manh-Tu [of Vietnam] and CE Basses [of Senegal]. An attached typed script tells us that Lamming is discussing co-operation with ILO co-operative fellowship students. The second image shows Lamming briefing experts in the development of co-operatives and handicrafts, they are working on projects in twenty seven underdeveloped countries including Burma, Haiti and Mexico. From left to right are Lamming, CR Crews, A Marriott, R Azemar, WKH Campbell, A Brejnik and Dr AH Ballendux. An article [or portion thereof] referring to the photograph has been stuck on the verso. CUP/2/6/19i 23 Sep 1952 CUP2//6/19ii cSep 1952. Black and white. Location of subject: Geneva [?].