Invincible works, Tyseley

Scope and Content

This file contains seven photographs of various scenes from the interior of the Aluminium works. The first photograph shows, in the foreground, three men dressed in suits inspecting a finished coffee percolator. Aside them are a number of other percolators sat upon a desk. On the left a worker in overalls and apron is "finishing" a percolator on a grinding wheel. On a bench at the side of the wheel is a sharpening stone. The production manager is watching over the workers shoulder as he works. The second, depicts two men sat behind a desk inspecting a percolator. Annotated on the verso is "examining prototype of coffee percolator" by the "manager" and "production manager". Also annotated is "note tail-fin of British phosphorus incendiary bomb produced in large quantities during the war". The bomb can be partially seen on the extreme right of the picture. The third, shows a man, wearing an apron, holding a frame with metal items hanging from it. On the opposite side, also hold of the frame, is a woman dressed in [white] overalls. Annotated on the verso is "articles being dropped into the nickel followed by chrome vats". The fourth, depicts a production line running vertically through the centre of the scene. Either side women are removing from [or placing on] the belt a variety of metal ware items. In the background are a number of crates and boxes filled with finished goods. Annotated on the verso is "viewing, checking and passing various articles in the last stages of manufacture". In the fifth, two women are sat behind a desk with a number of metal ware items upon it. The women are polishing and inspecting the goods at the end of the manufacturing process. Photograph six sees a number of women and one man sat, or stood, at desks polishing the finished metal ware products. In the background visible are the Forman"s office and further metal ware goods on shelves. The seventh photograph, shows four women stood, or sat, at a work-bench which is full of metal ware items. Annotated on the verso "Forewoman shows staff how to put handle on a cake basket". Black and white.