Various promotional shots

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Scope and Content

This file contains seven photographs, all of which have "milk" annotated on the verso [this does not seem to relate to the series title, but they have been left here in respect of the original order]. The first photograph depicts an elderly lady laying in a bed. She is bolstered by pillows and is looking towards the camera. In the background, on the bedside cabinet, are a number of medicinal bottles and an empty glass. The second, depicts the same lady as in CUP/1/20/2i but is taken from farther away. A nurse is stood on the far side of the bed holding a glass towards the lady in the bed. The third, shows a milkman delivering two bottles of milk to a lady, who is stood outside her front door. The door is ajar behind her and aside the door a leaded window is partially visible. The fourth, depicts the milkman from CUP/1/20/2iii sat in workers canteen. He is wearing a suit over has overalls but his money pouch is still visible. In the background two men are seated playing a game of draughts. The fifth, also depicts the milkman from CUP/1/20/2iii sat in a canteen. The shot is similar to CUP/1/20/2iv, but another man is sat at the same table as the milkman. In the foreground a table has crockery upon it. In the background a moustachioed man is sat at another table. In photograph six a man in a suit is sat at a desk, holding a piece of paper. Adjacent to the desk a milkman is looking towards the seated man. At the extreme left a bottle of milk stands on a filing cabinet. The seventh is similar to CUP/1/20/2vi, but shot from a slightly different angle. Black and white.