Lowestoft canning factory

Scope and Content

This file contains one paper item and fourteen photographic items. item one is a list of captions for the photographs. item two is a shot of people working in a factory, caption reads "General view of packing tinned herrings during the fishing season. Staff from other sections is transferred to help in the job." item three shows workers packing Christmas puddings, caption reads "Packing Christmas Puddings." item three shows a man and a woman operating machinery, caption reads "One of the new machines for making processed cheese." item five shows a woman wearing a hair net and gloves operating machinery, caption reads "On the can filling machine for canning herring " Joyce Baker, 23." items six and seven are photographs showing workers in a warehouse, packing tins. Captions: "General view. Canning Herrings." item eight is shot in bad light, but seems to be another shot of the scene depicted in item number three, workers packing Christmas puddings. Caption reads "Scrub." item nine shows a man loading cheese into a machine, which then deposits it into a container. Caption reads "William Baker workers (sic) the cheese grinding machine." item ten is a shot of the factory, showing workers weighing material. Caption reads "Section of workers filling cans with herring." items eleven and twelve show two men in a laboratory. One of them is studying a microscope, the other is drawing liquid with a pipette. Captions read "In the lab; John Dawson and Ronald Knight conduct a bacterial exam." item thirteen shows workers cutting fish with the aid of a machine blade. Caption reads "New machines for fish gutting. They save the girls" hands and do it faster." item fourteen shows workers placing fish onto a conveyor belt, and cutting the fish. Caption reads "Modern method of fish gutting " by machines recently installed." item fifteen shows a woman tasting a Christmas pudding. Caption reads "13-year-old schoolgirl Evelyne Cairns from Durham " on an educational sightseeing tour, tastes a Co-op Christmas pudding." Black and white.