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This file contains a letter written by V J Tapp, publicity officer for the Birmingham Co-operative Society Ltd, addressed to Mr AL Sugar, publications manager at the Co-operative Union. The letter mentions that twenty one photographs and an invoice for the photographs have been enclosed. The letter also states that the Birmingham Co-op had no objection to the reproduction of the photographs in a presentation called Getting on in the World. The letter is dated 24 Jan 1968. item two is a photograph of a careers display case for the Royal Arsenal Co-operative Society, showcasing careers in Services, Food, Dry Goods, and Secretarial Departments. item three is a photograph of a woman withdrawing cash over the counter at a bank, stamped on verso "Public Relations Department, Royal Arsenal Co-operative Society." item four shows a shop assistant describing the key features of an electric whisk to a customer. There are various electrical kitchen goods on display in the background. item five is a photograph showing a woman being served by a young man in a Co-op grocery shop. Annotated on verso with several editorial notes, "An introduction to shop practice." item six is a photograph of two women going through accounts. One of them is sat at a typewriter. item seven is taken inside a carpentry workshop. An older man is assistant a boy as he glues pieces of wood. item eight is a picture of a young salesman demonstrating the features of a fridge to a customer. Other electrical appliances can be seen in the background. item nine shows a young man studying a ledger. There are several others studying around him. item ten shows a waitress carrying a tray of tea through a busy restaurant. item eleven shows two women wearing protective overalls and meshed face masks. Annotated on verso, "Mineral Water Factory, Cardiff." item twelve shows a woman sat at a typewriter, studying what appear to be timesheets or wage slips. Annotated on verso "Office Machining." item thirteen is a photograph of three trainee hairdressers watching a haircut in progress. Annotated on verso "Getting on in the World." item fourteen is a photograph of a woman working at a typewriter. She is wearing a telephone headset. There are piles of paperwork in the background. Annotated on verso, "Have you heard about the Co-op?" item fifteen shows a baker overseeing to apprentices, who appear to be shaping pastry. Annotated on verso "There"s nothing half baked about us!" item sixteen shows a group of children being attending a co-operative careers talk. Annotated on verso "Co-operation Today Careers Talk". item seventeen shows four women working in a featureless office. Two of the women are sat at machines, possibly printing receipts. Annotated on verso "General Office, Handsworth Laundry, North Yorkshire". item eighteen is a photograph showing women working on adding machines, possibly going through accounts or producing receipts. Annotated on verso "This all adds up to the Co-op". item nineteen is a reproduction of an advert, showing a young boy making the looped "o.k." sign with his hand. The slogan reads "Just the job… for you?" annotated on verso "Bolton Society". item twenty shows women seated at desks using adding machines. It is the Warrington Co-operative Society Check Office. Black and white.