Newspaper clippings

Scope and Content

This file contains six articles relating to the co-operative"s role in the butchery trade. item one is a cutting taken from Reynolds News, 29 Jun 1958, and reports on the maiden voyage of a ship called the Cumberland, a refrigeration vessel travelling from New Zealand to London. The article details the Co-operative Wholesale Society"s impact on the industry, including it"s various operations, modern shops and packaging techniques, alongside information about the dividend profit sharing scheme. item two is an article reporting on the new equipment installed at the York Co-operative Society"s new butchery department. The article is annotated "Yorkshire Evening Press, 30 April 1959". item three is a news piece concerning the opening of the Southampton Society"s new cooked meats plant. It is annotated "Co-operative News, 23 May 1959". item four is a photograph cut from a newspaper, showing a butcher making a window display of pre-packaged meat. The caption reads "Ensuring the attractive and orderly appearance of display cabinets is an important part of selling pre-packaged meat." Annotated "Co-operative News, 5 September 1959". item five is an article (with accompanying picture) advertising the opening of a new butchery department by the Chester Co-operative Society. Annotated "Co-operative News, 5 November 1960." item six is an article describing a visit to the co-operative"s North Kensington Branch, and the impressive displays and service provided at the branch. The article has pictures showing staff at work in the branch, and is annotated "Beehive, October 1960".