Minutes and Supporting Papers

Scope and Content

10 Jan 1975 - Minutes: Possible change of office; Ben Lewin's film.

17 Jan 1975 - Minutes: Finance; office staffing; Finer Joint Action Committee; Children's Bill.

7 Feb 1975 - Minutes: Correspondence; Ben Lewin film.

7 Mar 1975 - Minutes: Correspondence.

11 Apr 1975 - Agenda and Minutes: Bulletin; publications; office routine; reports from Child Care group, Finance Group and Education and Employment Group; future of MIA

2 May 1975 - Agenda and Minutes: Possible grant from Drapers' Company; future of MIA; proposed education project; staffing of office.

4 Jul 1975 - Agenda [annotated] and Minutes: Correspondence; finance for the future of MIA; Education Project; publications; Finer Joint Action Committee; meeting of Working Mothers' Action Group; Fair Play for Children campaign [group].

15 Aug 1975 - Agenda [annotated] and Minutes: Correspondence; finance.