Scope and Content

Papers relating to the campaigns/areas of interest, including working papers, official letters and background research as noted below.

'How a bill is passed by Parliament' - MIA notes.

Circular re 'Orphans of Love' series of articles in 'The Sun', 15 Apr 1970

Committee on One-Parent Families: Department of Health and Social Security papers and draft MIA response; MIA-compiled Statistics Relating to Illegitimate Births. 1970.

Housing campaign 1970: MIA reports and circulars, correspondence with Ministry of Housing and Local Government.

Report: Aggregation of Income of Minor Children with the Parent's Income, 2 Aug 1970.

School Play Centres: correspondence from Department of Education and Science re provision of play centres; discussion paper; ILEA liaison volunteer request; circular; campaign letter, 1970-1971.

Campaigns progress survey, June 1971

Remit of Child Care Services study, 13 Oct 1971

Charter for Latch Key Kids, 1 Nov 1971

Summary of comments to Home Office re Adoption; draft questionnaire. 1971-1972

Financial Support for One Parent Families, MIA Provisional Policy Statement, 9 Jan 1973

Report on RAP [Radical Alternatives to Prisons] Conference on Women & Children, 14 Apr 1973

Target Campaign 'Plan for Pregnancy' (pregnant women's rights at work), 1973

Parents' Rights and Duties in Relation to Children [background notes], 29 Jan 1974

Circular letter sent to MPs after the 1974 General Election, Mar 1974

Target Plan for School Age Mothers, campaign leaflet, May 1974

Plan for Housing, Jul 1974

Parents' legal rights campaign: correspondence with Brunel and Birmingham Universities re assistance with research project, May-Jun 1974

Extract from the Lane Report on Abortion, 23 May 1974

Report on Day Care Workshop held 26 Jun 1974 at Munro House [part of the Plan for Day Care campaign]

Proposed Wording for Action Leaflet - Children in Care Ad Hoc Group, 28 Jun 1974

'Notes on Income Recommendations' made in the 'Report of Committee on One-Parent Families', 16 Jul 1974

Finer Report (Report of the Departmental Committee on One Parent Families): MIA discussion documents issued by the working parties, and formal response, Gingerbread formal response, Jun-Dec 1974

Maternity Leave Campaign 28 Oct 1974

Proposed Employment Protection Bill, MIA draft proposals for discussion, Oct 1974

Opportunities for school age children, Nov 1974

Research Project on Education for Mature Students, Especially Women with Children: project proposal and job description; project draft. [?1975]

Overpopulation: circular. [?1972]

Petition to be presented to the Government in Opposition to the Proposed Tax Credit System [?1970s].

Research by Daphne Stratham on women and prison, including Kathy Waller's literature survey, c1976-mid1980s


Papers grouped according to topic and chronological order imposed according to latest date. Papers where the date of the document is unknown have been placed at the end.