Minutes and Supporting Papers

Scope and Content

Meeting 29 Sep 1971 - Agenda and Minutes: Confirmation of appointment of office secretary; future activities of Mothers in Action (refocus of group on campaigning, cancellation of membership, acceptance of lone fathers into the group, creation of working party); nominations for working party; Oral Evidence to Finer Committee on One Parent Families. NB The agenda does not include confirmation of the previous meeting's minutes.

Meeting 8 Oct 1971 - Minutes: Topics discussed: minutes of last meeting and matters arising (meeting with Gingerbread to be organised, draft briefs for the four working parties agreed); vacancies on the Organising Committee (Rita Batzias, Janice Davidson and Diana Stamper asked to serve and Margaret McKay and Daphne Statham were co-opted); reprint of 'Unsupported Mothers and the Care of Their Children'; London Play Centre Campaign.

Meeting 12 Nov 1971 - Minutes: Topics discussed: Treasurer's Report; arrangement of wine and cheese evening; office report; Women's Liberation Conference; report re New Towns (provided by Diane Stamper).

Meeting 3 Dec 1971 - Agenda and Minutes: Topics discussed: report on New Towns; Magazine for One Parent Families; Fundraising.