Minutes and Supporting Papers

Scope and Content

5 Jan 1973 - general meeting to discuss future policies of MIA - Minutes: Staffing; possible name change to reflect one parent families; quarterly policy meetings to be instituted as of 13 Apr; job specifications for Campaign Co-ordinator and Fund Raising officer; recruitment of a Legal Advisor; increased interaction with Gingerbread; collation of information on conditions within EEC [European Union] countries in order to compare with UK.

2 Feb 1973 - Agenda only, inc organisation of the office; second draft of survival kit; new working groups - Campaigns Co-ordinator; Fundraising Co-ordinator; Honorary Legal Advisor.

7 Sep 1973 - Minutes:

Daily [child] minders; Security; Letters, circulars noted; Organising Secretary's Report; Treasurer's Report; Maternity Leave Campaign; Publication Report; Publicity Report.

5 Oct 1973 - Agenda and 'Notes on Publications To be considered and discussed at the Committee Meeting on 5 Oct 1973'.