Scope and Content

Recording dates and times of telephone messages relating to such matters as complaints and incidents reported by members of the public and other police forces, with action taken later added in red (From 1950, with the introduction of books used specifically to record telephone messages recieved from the public, only messages which would be of use to officers on the beat were copied into these books, e.g. messages relating to buildings left empty and suspects on the run). Also including telephoned requests for ambulances and officers reporting in sick, together with details of police procedure, operational information and information from CID, police duties and social matters, court cases and orders of the Chief Constable and other high ranking officers, extensions to licensing hours and notification of forthcoming events in the City and the arrival of suspects at the Police Station. The first Minute Books are in the form of bound volumes which become heavy duty binders from the 31st December 1942 and the entries in these volumes or binders are either handwritten directly onto the pages or typed onto paper which has been cut from another source and then glued onto the pages. Occasionally and particularly in the later books, photographs of wanted individuals have been clipped to the pages on which they are described.