Published work

Scope and Content

- Review of NBER Conference Volume on Research in Business Finance. Economic Journal, 1953. 5 copies.

- Hopkin, et al. Aid and the Balance of Payments. Economic Journal, Mar 1970. 1 copy.

- The Control of Demand. Inaugural Lecture, Cardiff, Mar 1974. 2 copies.

- A Change is Needed. Tory Reformer, Autumn 1981. 1 copy.

- Can we Cut the Unemployment? Tory Reformer, Autumn 1985. 1 copy and drafts.

- Hopkin, Miller and Reddaway. An Alternative Economic Strategy – A Message of Hope. Cambridge Journal of Economics, 1982 (6). 5 copies.

- Review of Economics for Policy Making, Selected Essays of Arthur Okun. Economic Journal, Dec 1984. 2 copies.

- Unemployment and the Demand for Labour. Planet [Welsh magazine], 1987/8. Response to Victor Anderson's criticism. 1 copy.