Population, Wales

Scope and Content


Hopkin and Hajnal, Births by Occupation, 1949. 1 copy.

Papers of the Royal Commission on Population:

Vol. I, Family Limitation, 1949,

Vol. III, Report of Economics Committee, 1950,

Vol. IV, Reports of the Biological and Medical Committees, 1950,

Vol. V, Memoranda: Economic Position of the Family; Relations Between Intelligence and Fertility; Harrod Memoranda, 1950. 4 volumes.

RSA Conference on Population and the Quality of Life, 1973. 2 copies.

Folder on Population Economics containing: Course of five lectures for David Owen Population Centre, Cardiff, Feb 1986, one lecture for the RSA Conference on Population, 1973, correspondence (including discussion of the 'value of a prevented birth', 1979.


- Unemployment (Statement, St David's Day, 1987). 2 copies.

- Conference on Unemployment in Wales, Oct 1986. 2 copies.

- 'Something Must Be Done', Unemployment in Wales (typescript), 1986. 1 copy.

- Comments on Chapter by George and Mainwaring (on Welsh economy), 1987. 1 copy.

- The Valleys Programme (typescript), 1988. 1 copy.

- The South Wales Valleys: An Agenda for Action (incomplete), 1988. 3 documents.