Godley writings

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Writings by Wynne Godley on economic subjects [Hopkin has noted 'apart from the LRB article, 22 Feb 2001, 'Saving Masood Khan'.]

The Hon. Wynne Godley; Wynne Alexander Hugh Godley; younger son of the second Baron Kilbracken; b. Sept. 2, 1926, London; d. May 13, 2010; controversial Cambridge economist and one of the Treasury's "six wise men" in the 1990s who foresaw the 2008 global financial crash.


- Time, Money and the Neoclassical Synthesis, three lectures given at Naples, Apr 1988,

- Time, Increasing Returns and Institutions in Macroeconomics, 1990,

- A Simple Model of the Whole World with Free Trade, Free Capital Movements and Floating Exchange Rates, 1996,

- Macroeconomics without Equilibrium or Disequilibrium, 1997,

- Money and Credit in a Keynesian Model of Income Determination, 1998,

- Seven Unsustainable Processes, 1989,

- Interim Report: Notes on the U.S. Trade and Balance of Payments Deficit, 1999,

- Open Economy Macroeconomics Using Models of Closed Systems, 1999,

- Balances, Imbalances and Fiscal Targets, a new Cambridge view, 2004,

- Prolegomena to Realistic Monetary Macroeconomics, a theory of intelligible sequences, and related correspondence, 2006,

- Economic Policy and Performance under Mrs Thatcher, and related correspondence, 2006-08,

- Is the bank too optimistic? Talk at King's College Cambridge, 11 Aug 2005,

- Strategic Prospects and Policies for the U.S. Economy in 'Strategic Analysis', Jun 2002,

- Strategic Prospects and Policies for the U.S. Economy: why net exports must now be the motor for U.S. growth, Aug 2004,

- Keynesian Theorizing During Hard Times: stock flow consistent models as an unexplored 'frontier' of Keynesian macroeconomics, by Claudio H. Dos Santos (Godley commentator), 2004.