Papers of Sir W. A. Bryan Hopkin (1914-2009), economist

Scope and Content

Sir William Aylsham Bryan Hopkin (December 7, 1914 – October 10, 2009)

Welsh economist. Chief economic adviser to the Treasury under Denis Healey and Professor of Economics at Cardiff University. Critic of Margaret Thatcher's economic policies.

- Published and unpublished articles, papers and reports

- Letters and articles in the press

- Drafts of an unfinished textbook

- Talks and lectures

- Notebooks, partially indexed

- Correspondence with Christopher Dow, Wynne Godley and others

- Collection of Wynne Godley's writings

- Journal articles and offprints

- Obituaries and photographs of economists

- Notes from J. M. Keynes' lectures, 1933-36 (photocopy)


Boxes 1-18 maintained in Hopkin's original arrangement and according to a handlist, "Notes on my 'work' files", (stored in Box 1) which he had prepared in 2002. Post-2002 additions not on handlist were retained in the boxes in which they were found.

Boxes 19-21 contain Hopkin's notebooks. These are described in a handlist entitled "Bryan's Cardboard Box", compiled 2 Feb 2010 (stored in box 19). As Hopkin kept an index to his notebooks (stored in box 19) according to a numbering system, I have not recreated the order in the handlist but instead retained Hopkin's original numbering system. Thus boxes 19-20 contain notebooks numbered 1-29 by Hopkin. Box 21 contains unnumbered notebooks and published reports.

Box 22 is unlisted. It contains a collection of obituaries and photographs of economists, and Hopkin's student notes from J. M. Keynes' lectures at University of Cambridge.

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Other Finding Aids

Box 1, or 446/1 - "Notes on my 'work' files" lists the contents of Boxes 1-18 as of 24 Feb 2002, and was compiled by Hopkin.

Box 19, or 446/19 - "Bryan's Cardboard Box" lists the contents of Boxes 19-21 as of 2 Feb 2010 - after Hopkin's death and therefore compiled by (presumably) a family member.

Box 19, or 446/19 - Index to Notebooks provides an index to 29 numbered notebooks.