Notes on Domesday

Scope and Content

Bundle of notes pertaining to Tait's research on Domesday. The material was kept in an envelope (retained) which listed contents as:

  • /1 three letters from V. H. Galbraith to Tait 20 Oct, 25 Oct, 14 Dec 1941, which Tait describes as outlining "his theory of the relation of the Exon Domesday to the Exchequer Dom. and of the Inquisitio Eliensis to Domesday Book, vol II". The letters outline Galbraith's views in some detail, and also refer to other matters. (Galbraith was the leading contemporary expert on Domesday, and was author of Domesday Book: its Place in Administrative History).
  • /2 Tait's notes on date of Domesday documents based on dates of episcopal changes.
  • /3 Notes on "breves regis".
  • /4 Notes on the Exon Domesday.
  • /5 Manuscript entitled "What is the Inquisitio Eliensis?"
  • /6 Tait's notes on Liber burgus [free borough].