Sketch Book: Sketches of the procession during the Anglesey Hunt week

Scope and Content

SKETCH BOOK: Sketches of the procession during the Anglesey Hunt week. Drawn by Mrs. Lloyd of Plas Tregayan, wife of Col. T. E. J. Lloyd.

1) The Band.

2) Hunstman and whip with hounds.

3) Miss Leche, the Lady Patroness.

4) Major Platt, the comptroller and Mr. Lloyd Deputy-Comptroller.

5) Mr. Preston, Miss G. Massey, Miss E. Massey, Hampton Lewis leading Gwen H. Lewis.

6) R.M. Greaves, Wern, Portmadoc.

7) Thowing red hot copper from the Bulkeley Arms Hotel.

8) Pair of Hungarian horses (Rufus and Dinas) with Mrs. Lloyd, Plas Tregayan, and Mrs Aspinall, sister of T. E. J. Lloyd.

9) Lady Penrhyn and her party.

10) Boys from the Training Ship 'Clio.'

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