Olivier Archive. Vol. CCCXX (ff. ).

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Olivier Archive. Vol. CCCXX (ff. ).

1. ff. . South sea bubble, by Noël Coward; 1955-1958. Joint production with H. M. Tennent, with Vivien Leigh in the title role. First performed at the Opera House, Manchester, 19 March 1956, and in London at the Lyric, 24 April 1956. Includes letters from Coward to Vivien Leigh.

2. ff. . Ruth Draper; 1956. Run at the St James’s, 2-28 July 1956.

3. ff. . The long echo, by Lesley Storm; 1956. Produced by Laurier Lister Productions; first performance at the Pavilion Theatre, Bournemouth, 28 May 1956, and in London at the St James’s, 1 August 1956.

4. ff. . Towards zero, by Agatha Christie; 1956. Produced by Peter Saunders and first performed at the St James’s, 4 September 1956.

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