Chemistry notebooks and papers

Scope and Content

Burkhardt’s chemistry notebook. Chemistry notebook marked, ‘'W.Wood Stokes Work in conjunction with Dr. G.N. Burkhardt’ and containing notes by various student researchers, with titles including, ‘The preparation of Styrene’, ‘Investigation into the relative Rates of addition of HI & HCI to Cyclohexene’, ‘Discussion on Mercaptan addition to Ethylene’, ‘Ethylene Sulphuric Acid’, ‘Examination of Prawn Oil’, ‘Addition of Phenylmercaptan to Vinyl Ethers’.

Photograph of John Dalton’s memorial stone, in an envelope, with text on the back. Reprints of articles by Burkhardt, ‘The Action of Fuming Sulphuric Acid on Hexane, cycloHexane, and some of their Derivatives’ from The Journal of the Chemistry Society and ‘Unshared Electrons and the effects Produced by o-p-Directive Substituents in organic Molecules’ from the Manchester Literary and Philosophical Society, co-authored with Meredith Gwynne Evans.

Proof of papers to be read by the Chemical Society. Third Year Honours reading list. Notes on Practical Organic Chemistry. Various Chemistry examination papers, lecture courses and reading lists.