Notes about Chemistry

Scope and Content

Typescript and handwritten chemistry papers, including notes on Amino Acids, Substitution in benzene derivatives, Atomic Structure, Chemistry 105, Acetylene, Structure of benzene, Resolution, Stereochemistry, Pyridine, Isomerism, Chemistry VIII and Chemistry XI. Notes on, ‘A Natural Sciences Course,1957-8’. National Union of Students pamphlet, ‘Outline for Discussion on The Reform of University Education’. The Chemical Society, newsletter describing council activities.

Various reprints from the Journal of the Chemical Society, including: ‘Theories of polar and non-polar free affinities. A practical and theoretical reply to some recent criticisms and comparisons’, by George Norman Burkhardt and Arthur Lapworth; ‘The action of fuming sulphuric acid on hexane, cyclohexane and some of their derivatives’, by George Norman Burkhardt; ‘Preliminary note on the Synthesis of Compounds related to antirachitic vitamins’, by John B. Aldersley and G. Norman Burkhardt; ‘The School of Chemistry in The University of Manchester (Faculty of Science)’ by G. N. Burkhardt; ‘The Hydrolysis of Arylsulphuric Acids. Part 1.’ by G. Norman Burkhardt, W.G. Kenneth Ford and Eric Singleton. Part II. Kinetic Considerations by G. Norman Burkhardt, Alwyn G. Evans and Ernest Warhurst; and ‘Arylsulphuric Acids’ by George Norman Burkhardt and Frank Lapworth; ‘The Hydrolysis of Arylsulphuric Acids. Part III.’ by G. Norman Burkhardt, Charles Horrex and Doreen I. Jenkins; ‘The Synthesis of Compounds related to the Antirachitic vitamins. Ax-DI-x-cycloHexenylethylene’ by G. Norman Burkhardt and Nathan Hindley; and ‘The Action of Chlorosulphonic Acid on Phenol and p-Cresol at Low Temperatures’ by G. Norman Burkhardt.

Re-prints from the Journal of the Royal Institute of Chemistry, including: ‘Effects induced by the Phenyl Group’ by Frank Ashworth and George Norman Burkhardt; ‘Nitroarylsulphuric Acids and their Reduction Products’ by George Norman Burkhardt and Harold Wood; and ‘The Chemist as Administrator, opening remarks’ by G.N. Burkhardt.

Re-prints from Nature Journal, ‘Influence of Substituents on Organic Reactions: a Quantitative Relationship’; ‘Steric Hindrance and Heats of Formation’; and ‘Obituary for Prof. A. Lapworth F.R.S.’; all by G. N. Burkhardt.

Re-prints from The Manchester Literary and Philosophical Society, ‘”Unshared” Electrons and the Effects produced by o-p-Directive Substituents in organic Molecules’ by George Norman Burkhardt and Meredith Gwynne Evans; and ‘Arthur Lapworth’. Re-print from The School Science Review, ‘Physical or Chemical?’ by George Novello Copley. Re-print from the Travaux Chimiques des Pays Bays, ‘The Addition of Hydrogen Bromide to Vinyl Bromide’ by George Norman Burkhardt and Wesley Cocker. Re-print from The Biochemical Journal, ‘Pigmented Marine Animal Oils’ by Burkhardt, Heilbron, Jackson, Parry and Lovern.

Former reference: GNBA/30/1-33, plus a quantity of un-numbered items.