University Papers

Scope and Content

Papers from a file labeled, ‘History of the University’. An invitation, ‘Past and Present Students Dinner. To Harold B. Dixon: F.R.S. March 2nd 1912’. A celebration of Dixon’s twenty five years as Professor of Chemistry at the University. A printed thank you card, ‘Manchester University, with kindest regards and thanks to all my students, March 2nd 1912. The card contains two images of Dixon one from 1886 and one from 1911 and is signed by him. Two photographs of a class of students, including one Chinese student. A booklet, ‘Rules of the Manchester University Union’. Victoria University syllabus, ‘University Extension Lectures, Eccles. Syllabus of a course of six lectures on the “Chemistry of Common Life” by Harold B. Dixon, M.A., F.R.S., Professor of Chemistry in the Owens College’. Victoria University syllabus, ‘University Extension Lectures, Owens College.

Syllabus of a course of eight lectures on the “Story of Chemical Discovery” by Harold B. Dixon, M.A., F.R.S., Professor of Chemistry in the Owens College’. Miscellaneous notes, including part of some biographical notes on A.L. A policy booklet.‘Seven Universities Democratic Association’

Page from The Serpent with a piece of text entitled ‘The Poetry of Chemistry’ by H. Bompas Smith.

Press cutting entitled, ‘Manchester University Needs, New Library: More Accommodation: Space for Recreation. Opportunity for Benefactors.’ Programme, ‘The New Metallurgical Laboratories, to be opened by Sir George T. Beilby, F.R.S., on Tuesday September 11th,1923’. The booklet contains a plan of the University Metallurgy Laboratories. Programme for a ‘Conversazione, held at the University of Manchester, Saturday Tenth November 1923’. The booklet contains a map of the University for visitors. Programme, ‘Jubilee of the Foundation of the University and the Eightieth Anniversary of Owens College. Congregation of the University in the Free Trade Hall, Peter Street, Manchester. Friday May 23rd, 1930’. ‘Order of Service’, notes and press cutting relating to this event.

Press cutting describing the appointment of Professor Michael Polanyi as Chair of Physical Chemistry at the University of Manchester.

Article reprinted from Manchester Guardian, ‘Prof. Conway on Education. Four Point Programme’. Manchester University Settlement, Ancoats, leaflet, ‘Mondays at 8pm beginning on Sept. 28th in the Horsfall Art Museum, Every St. Lectures on Old and New Testaments by Rev. T. Micklin, M.A. Twelve lectures illustrated by lantern slides for Sunday School teachers, Club Leaders and Bible Students.’

Marking sheets for ‘The Making of Civilization (course)’. Letter from Burkhardt to his father regarding establishing a foundation course for Chemistry students. Press cutting regarding a tribute to Professor H.B. Dixon, celebrating 35 years as Chair of Chemistry at the University. Various correspondence to and from Burkhardt regarding science education in schools.