Chemistry essays, notes and examination papers

Scope and Content

Burkhardt’s undergraduate chemistry papers, including Practical Chemistry I and Organic Chemistry.

Three early notebooks belonging to Burkhardt, one from The College Swindon, containing mainly handwritten essays and papers, by Burkhardt, Heilbron and others, with titles including, ‘Some Colloidal Phenomena’, ‘The Wandering of Certain Molecule Groups in Organic Molecules’, ‘The Structure of Inorganic Cpds(sic)’, ‘Outline of a New Syst. of Thermodynamic Chemistry’, ‘The Photosynthesis of Plant Products’, ‘Carbon Assimilation’, ‘Synthesis of Carbohydrates in Plants’, ‘Theory of Organic Reactions’, ‘Theories of Organic Chemistry’, ‘The Properties of groups attached to the Benzene ranj (sic)’, Halogen Compounds’, ‘Odd additional Points on Amino Acids’, and ‘Classification of Reagents and Groupings’.

An essay on ‘Hydrates in Aqueous Solution’ by H.C. Jones (1907). Notes on the evolution of man. Notes entitled, ‘Courses for Honours General Science’. Typed notes on ‘Atomic Structure’. Victoria University of Manchester Honours School of General Science, Chemistry II. and Chemistry II. A., examination papers.

Salvation Army 'Harvest Appeal 1944’ collection envelope, located in the back of one of the notebooks.