Bering, Russian Exploring Expedition, 1725-1730

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  • MS 639;MSM Map, Siberia, 1729 [Lists discoveries made during his first expedition] 3 sheets

Administrative / Biographical History

The Russian Exploring Expedition, 1725-1730 (leader Vitus Bering) set out from St Petersburg travelling overland through Siberia. Led by the Danish explorer Vitus Bering (1681-1741) the expedition hoped to uncover whether Asia and North America were connected. After wintering at Ilimsk the parties reached Okhotsk in April 1827. From here they sailed in Fortune to the Kamchatka peninsula. A new vessel was built at Ust Kamchatsk and Bearing with forty-three companions embarked on Svyatoy Gravriil for their main voyage. Discovering St Lawrence Island they reached 67°18N passing between the continents of Asia and America in the process. The expedition returned to St Petersburg in March 1730.


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The original map is held by the British Museum (1982)